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I may be a small business, but I'm aware I still leave a mark so I've been conscious in my choices for eyeownadesign where possible.

The card stock I use is FSC Certified and Chlorine Free, although not totally recycled it's got great environmental credentials. My cards are also designed to be keepsake items people won't want to throw away which I feel justifies the stock choice too.

The envelopes I pair my cards with are fully recycled Kraft envelopes.
The envelopes I use to post my products in are also fully recycled too.

When I post my products my greeting cards come 'naked' and my art prints come in compostable cello bags, for wholesale cards I also use compostable cello bags, this isn't the cheapest option but one I am proud of. Being a keen diver and trained Underwater Videographer I am against plastic pollution so this was an important decision for me.

I'm not perfect, but for a small business, I believe in making choices that, although can be more expensive fit with being as sustainable as possible.