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Make Time To Write

Putting pen to paper is proven to aid mindfulness and help ground you again. ‘Make time to write’, has become a signature saying of mine, be it to write in a notepad or journal to help organise your thoughts, or in a card to a loved one.

I want to encourage you to set some time aside each day, week or month, whatever is realistic for you and use this time to switch off from the digital world, pick up a pen and 'Make time to write'.

Below is a little ritual to help you do this.

Select your favourite pen.

Choose a notepad, journal or some greeting cards for loved ones
    – or perhaps all of these.

Pour yourself a drink be it tea or procecco, the choice is yours.

Find a comfy spot and put your phone/devices on do not disturb.

Light a candle or spritz some room spray.

Put on some intstumental music (nothing with lyrics – I love jazz personally.

Then take a deep breath and put pen to paper and see what flows, it maybe words of gratitude, a list of notes to free your mind or some heartfelt words to loved ones. Whatever comes out let it flow, enjoy the ritual of writing, the time away from the digital world and reconnect with your thoughts and senses.
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