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Motherhood It’s Anotherhood

No one can really prepare you for becoming a mother. I had a very different view of how I would be as a mum before reality hit and I had a newborn in my arms.

When I first became a mother, I struggled, everyone seemed to be taking things in their stride, the photos shared were angelic and breastfeeding was a breeze. Well not for me! I was crying in the shower to my husband telling him our lives were ruined, we would never sleep again and that I believed my nipples may fall off – so what did I do?

I shared my ugly truths with my close girlfriends from school – who were already a year or so into motherhood –  I laid it all bare, all my struggles, the harsh reality I was facing despite my love for our new little one and the privilege of becoming a mummy.

Almost instantly my phone was buzzing with their truths, the unreasonable feelings in the early hours of the morning when you are exhausted, the painful post-partum recoveries whilst trying to mother newborns and the endless worry and expectations placed upon us by ourselves and society. In that moment I suddenly felt supported, understood and accepted, I wasn’t failing as motherhood it’s just bloody hard and many don’t share this.

So, I wanted to break the stigma and share my motherhood truths with mums I didn’t know. Those that perhaps don’t have this network of close friends, or don’t feel they can share with them. A place where mums can go to hear other honest struggles so they know they are not alone, I wanted the reality of motherhood to make it onto Instagram grids instead of just the filtered version!


So I created #motherhooditsanotherhood to help do this! Join in and support mums by sharing your motherhood truths on your Instagram grid and using #motherhooditsanotherhood. Precious about the look of your grid? No issue, use whatever image you like, what’s important is to share the truth in the text so others can read and feel seen and understood. Share the # with other mums and encourage them to do the same too, I share all posts on my insta stories via @motherhooditsanotherhood.

Motherhood is raw, it’s crazy, it’s unmanageable at times but it’s also rewarding, beautiful and helps us all grow into better humans whatever challenges it brings up.


Below are some posts from other gorgeous mummies who shared their truths and gave awareness to the #.

I can tell you one thing. When my three were the size in this photo this certainly wasn’t the reality! This is the edited possibly even airbrushed photo that’s made it onto the wall and would have made it onto insta if I’d been on it then. That’s because photos like this are what we want to remember. The lovely, cute well dressed moments. The ones when we showered and found clean clothes. However 99% of the time when they were babies and I had them on my own, I lived in pyjamas, they lived in sleep suits and I rocked us all gently as we were all exhausted. I cried a lot. I hardly went out and I wondered what the hell we had done. People ask me now how I coped with 3 under 13 months and I laugh jokingly and say ‘badly’ but tbh that’s how I actually remember it. It was hard and incredibly difficult BUT now I wouldn’t have it any other way - plus I have cute photos like this to look back on and trick myself briefly into thinking that’s what it was like! #motherhooditsanotherhood


Although I have very fond memories of the beginnings there were MANY challenges (not only one hahaha).

* I had massive problems breastfeeding and I dragged myself until almost 3 months until I gave up. Yes, I gave up and that sounds so bad. I was just so down and my nipples were bleeding. Eventually, after also a doctor gave me kind of permission (because that’s what you’re looking for…), I decided it’s better for my mental health to stop breastfeeding. 
* Oh, and there were a lot of new arguments with my partner about everything. Seriously, that was such a change. We never used to argue much but after Lilli Jazz’ birth it changed completely. I’m not sure if it ever goes away because the number of our arguments are still higher than before having a child. We’re working on it!
* When Lilli Jazz was less than 24 hours old I was told off about holding her the entire time. I wish I would see this woman again and tell her she’s crazy because I just had my first child and the best thing you can do is hold them and made them feel loved. All that crazy talk about not to spoil your child… Cuddles are the best! I also fell asleep with my baby on my chest which is noooooot good but at least the photographer was there to look after us ;)

So that’s the truth. Did I mention I cried quite a bit? But all of this is completely normal. And we can go through all of this because our babies are the most beautiful babies in the world. #motherhooditsanotherhood

My 5th Mother’s Day! I think the last year has been the year I’ve learnt the most about being a Mum by far. These sweet faces have brought me to the brink but have also given me a reason to stay alive at points. 
Mama’s you carry so much in the exhausting and rewarding role that it is to be a mum. For those who long to be Mum’s but aren’t for whatever reason, you are no less of a woman because of it. Your experiences make you strong & courageous in a different way. 
For those that grieve for mother’s lost on this day, you will always carry their imprint in who you are and how they’ve shaped you. #motherhooditsanotherhood


#motherhooditsanotherhood ...where are the mamas with bubbas that only nap on you! Human pillow, it’s a hard life 🥰



#motherhooditsanotherhood is about being TRUTHful and opening up about how hard it can be to be a mum, especially a new mum.

Here's me with my newborn back in September 2017. Although I had an easy pregnancy and alltogether fairly smooth natural labour, I found the first few months of being a new mum incredibly hard. A baby that didn't breastfeed easily, hardly slept and didn't want to lie down by himself meant he was virtually constantly in my arms and unhappy. The sleep deprivation, hormonal upheaval, hair loss, sore boobs & bits, total loss of freedom, grief for the loss of time with my husband, the complete eradication of my "self", and the constant anxiety about whether I was getting it right were all consuming. My most vivid memory of that difficult time is falling into a heap on the floor and crying " I can't do this anymore".... Becoming a mum is without a doubt one of the most challenging and amazing things a woman can accomplish.

Do you feel passionate about what I’m trying to create with the # get in touch I’m open to collaborations.

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